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Joseph Does The Video Selfie Monday, April 07 2014

For the 5 people (Peggy) that are wondering where the hell I've been for the past 6 months, well, let's just say I've been losing a lot of sleep (mostly in a good way) on Bayou Gauche. (Check it out. Let me know what you think.)


I don't know if uninspired is the word, but I just haven't had the urge or the need lately to write lots of words consecutively. But leave it to my youngest offspring Joseph to bring me out of the dark tunnel that is an outdated blog.


Sometimes kids leave you little “gifts” around the house. And I say “gifts” because they are not always pleasant. Like a un-flushed toilet after Taco night or a decorated boiled Easter egg in the bottom of a drawer in August.


But once in a while you find something that just makes things a little better...

I Think I May Be Back, But Barely Friday, September 27 2013

So I've taken a hiatus from writing.


Mainly because I can barely form sentences because my brain is fried from various activities like trying to figure out how evil ninja zombies took over my 5 year old son and transformed him into a energy sucking, boundary pushing, makes me want to beat my head against the wall and/or lay in a fetal position on the bathroom of a kid.


Joseph started school this year which means all my kids go to one place for 7 whole hours.




One would think the angels or the Lord up above or whomever gives you a break once in a while would be looking down on me and think to themselves, “She's been kicking ass for the past 7 years...why don't we cut her a little slack and see what happens.”



Every now and then Sponge Bob's voice makes my ears bleed.


It's in those moments that I channel my father and exclaim, ''That's it! TV off! Go find something else to do!'' Which is soon followed by, ''Mom, I'm bored'' to which I really channel my father and answer, ''You're bored? Do you want me to find something for you to do?''.

The Last To Fly The Coop Monday, August 19 2013

Cher Joseph,


This week you start kindergarten.


You are my last child to start “big” school.


I thought I was all cool with it...

Hello. My name is Nicole.


Have we met?


I'm a type A, overachiever, who likes stuff to be organized.


Let me rephrase that.


I NEED stuff to be organized.


If there is clutter around me, there is clutter in my brain and clutter in brain leads to anxiety which leads to panic which leads to 5 o’clock meltdowns.


Don't you wish you were married to me?


So you can imagine that the thought of school starting with the the lunches, and the backpacks and the bazillion school notes and folders and homework sheets and ballet registration forms and omg I'm about to have a nervous breakdown right here and now.


Luckily I occasionally have bright ideas to quiet this anxiety and a wonderful loving husband who can execute them...

Ball Sac Humor Monday, August 12 2013

Sometimes kids say inappropriate things.


Well, my kids do anyway.


They've been known to drop an f-bomb here and there and a son of a b*tch occasionally.


There are always those few minutes after they've said something inappropriate when you quickly have to make a decision as to how to react...

It was my husband Mark's 50th birthday yesterday.


And instead of the whole sports car mid-life crisis scenario, Mark has more of a I want to catch a tarpon for the first time in my life mid-life situation going on.


Which is fine for me because I get to go spend some time on the water in Belize then come back to the cabana and drink cocktails until it's time to crash. Then wake up in the morning and do it all over again.


I think he should turn 50 every year.


Well, his 50th birthday wasn't his lucky day as far as the tarpon were concerned so I thought this might help a little....

Before I start I just want to make sure you all know that Mark and I both love the beautiful country of Canada and the land of the free, the great Unites States of America.


I love Americans. Mark loves Canadians. We did, after all, marry each other.


Ok, disclaimer over....

When Joseph Speaks We Wonder Wednesday, July 10 2013

Like I've said before, I'll say it kids supply me with endless entertainment.


(In between the times when they make me contemplate boarding schools and/or the use of Valium.)


But anyway.


One thing I really find amusing is when the kids, particularly Joseph, mispronounce words...

Every year our family loads the camper and hits to road to Canada to visit my family.


As the kids get older, some things get easier, but some things become more challenging...

You could say that my second born, Luke, is a little high strung.


He regularly needs to run wild in the great outdoors to keep him from climbing the walls and/or our piano.


He's just a compact little ball of pure and unadulterated energy.


This can sometimes pose a problem at bedtime....

I'm just going to go ahead and preface this post by explaining something to you all.


Mark was raised on a farm in Bayou Lafourche.


He was raised with cows and horses and his grandmother who'd go in the back and cut the chickens' neck so they'd have food for dinner.


He and I both share the idea that we want our kids to understand where food comes from;that it's not necessarily produced in some magical factory (even though most of the stuff these days is).


We want them to know the honest to God truth about how food, and in this case, meat, goes from living things to something we eat.


Then they can make their own decisions on how they feel about it.


There are some things we prefer not to sugar coat too much...and this is one of them.

I think my sister is telepathic.


We live thousands of miles apart, and still she can somehow sense I need a little pick-me-up and sends something my way to make me laugh.


We have shared many things (well sometimes she wasn’t sharing but I'de just pretend she was anyway). But, one thing I can always rely on is our shared sense of humor....

Wherein I Fail Miserably Wednesday, May 22 2013

A few days after Festival International I was feeling pretty crappy to say the least. I felt like old rum was coursing through my veins instead of blood and my head was caught somewhere in between consciousness and that place where stuff that shouldn’t make sense does.


So what do I decide to do?...

One Chapter Ends Monday, May 20 2013

These past few weeks have been a little chaotic. With the Blue Moon expanding and the clothing line coming to life, it sort of feels like the days have no beginning and no end.


Until Friday, when Joseph's pre-school had their yearly mother's tea where all the moms come to school and sit at pretty tables prepared by the children, have tea and treats, and watch the kids sing songs...


So it just occurred to me that my kids think I do nothing all day long.


It occurred to me when, yesterday when we were having lunch, I asked Emmylou what she wanted to do when she grew up and she answered, ''Nothing! Just like you!''..